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Who Doesn’t Love A Good Cow Skin?

I finally got a new rug…and by “rug”, I don’t mean “toupée”!

I’ve been decorating my house for what seems like an eternity, since I’m not made of money and all. So far, I’ve purchased a new sofa, a new coffee table1, a new dining room table2, and two vintage mid-century modern mohair-covered chairs that I’ve already decided I no longer want. Easy come, easy go, I guess.

Clearly I’ve got the furniture thing down pat. Floor coverings are a whole different ball of wax, though. I’ve looked and looked for floor coverings but, to date, haven’t found any I felt I just had to have. In fact, I’ve ordered two and sent them both back. I’ve sweetly asked people much stronger than me to help me carry rugs I’ve taken out on approval up to my condo to try out. I’ve scoured the interwebs and every single store I could think of who carries rugs, but never found anything I liked. Or, let’s be honest, that I could afford. My “champagne taste on a beer bottle budget” mantra has reared its ugly head more than once in this process. But I digress.

Someone mentioned the possibility of having a skin as a floor covering, but since I’m an unabashed animal lover and don’t like being overly trendy or Texas-y, I shied away from the idea. I don’t have mad interior designer skillz, however, I know what I like when I see it, so when I saw this good quality brindle rug for a mere $225, I practically mowed down the people around me to ensure I didn’t lose out. And I am happy to report that I’m the proud owner of a new 8×6′ brindle cow skin rug!

The best part about my new cow skin rug is that I think my cat may or may not think she has a new “friend”. I was a little concerned she might freak out from the smell or texture, being that it was alive at one point and all, but she seems to have taken to it like the big-boned little trouper she is. I don’t have to worry that I leave her alone a lot these days3 since she has become one with our new cow.

So what do you think of it? I love it and, between the cow skin rug and my new gun, dare I say I’ve become fully re-ensconced in Texas life? 🙂

1“Coffee table” has always seemed like such an odd name for a piece of furniture to me since a) I don’t drink coffee and b) I don’t put coffee cups on my “coffee table”.
2 But for which I have not purchased chairs.
3 What?! Don’t Look at me like that! I have a life and stay really busy — what can I say?!


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