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Because I’m way hipper in my mind than in reality, I feel the need to be prolific in the social media universe where all the really cool people play.  Yeah, I know, but humour me anyway. Nonetheless, if you’d like to hang out with  me virtually, here are the places on the web you can find me. Check it, yo.

Flickr:  Amuse yourself for minutes upon minutes with my charming photos.

Facebook:  I know I’m a way cool person with whom you want to connect but, really, I can only keep up with so many people, meaning I’ll only add you if I know you.  And by “know you”, I don’t mean “met you once on the playground in second grade”. 

Twitter:  Entertain yourself with my witty musings.

Yelp: A wicked cool site where you get to rate all kinds of things.  Yes, please.  🙂

YouTube: I have all of 76 videos saved in my “favourites” and have viewed a whopping 824 of those bad boys.  Prolific on YouTube, I am not. 

LinkedIn: Because I know you’re totally interested in my very exciting work history.

Vimeo: Way better better than YouTube. 

Skype: live chat?  Perfect for the Texas girl in Canada. Add me if you’re on blip so we can share our killer musical tastes (well, mine anyway). I’m not at all prolific on, but whatevs — you can check me out anyway.

delicious: Aren’t you interested in my bookmarked URLs?  Why, yes, Carmen — in fact, we are!

Stumbleupon: Stuff I stumble upon that I think is cool. And make note of for your viewing pleasure.

Foursquare or Gowalla: Now, not only can you find out *what* I’m doing, but you can find out *where* I’m doing it. You’re welcome.

And last but not least, Good Old Fashioned Email: charmgirl13 [AT] gmail [period] com

So there you have it — I’m a (wannabe) social network whore.  You know you love me for it.


One response to “Find Me

  1. omg you’re amazing. how do I subscribe to your blog?

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