Pumped Up Kicks

I finally got some new kicks this week! My other trainers were nearly falling apart, what with my four-times-a-week workouts and wearing them hiking in Colorado; and while I may or may not spend copious amounts of money on new clothes, shoes, and purses, running shoes just seems so, well, utilitarian. Getting new running shoes is kind of like getting socks and underwear at Christmas — is it really a gift or is it just a necessity Santa puts beneath the tree under the guise of a present?

The bottom line is that my old shoes were looking eerily similar to worn out tires — the tread was gone and when I did the penny test1, I could see every single bit of Lincoln’s hat. 😉 So off I went to Luke’s Locker to procure myself some safe new shoes. I’ve even added a photo to show you how unsafe I was being by continuing to wear those unsafe shoes! Rebel yell, yo! And to make myself feel better about spending money on a “necessity” when I could have been out buying things like clothes, shoes, and purses. 🙂

Being that I’m not usually a creature of habit and am someone who will always try something new, it seems ironical that I got the same pair of running shoes I’ve been wearing since the earth cooled — my beloved Asics Gel Nimbus. When you find trainers you like, you stick with ’em. I’m not crazy about the color I got, but I wear a 7.5C shoe (not an 8B like I normally have to cram my foot in) and Asics only sells that size shoe in this weird pinky-orangey-tie-dye shoe. Whatevs — they fit like a glove and what could be more important than running in shoes that actually fit and don’t make me feel like one of Cinderella’s stepsisters before the ball. W00t, indeed.

Now I’m pumping up my new kicks and going for a run!

1 I always wondered how to do the penny test while I lived in Canada since the Queen (who’s on their penny) doesn’t wear top hats. Inquiring minds want to know.


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  1. If you can see the top of QEII’s crown, it is time for new tires.

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