All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

What is everyone’s deal with the memes all of a sudden? The zeitgeist of 2009, no doubt. I’ve seen ’25 Random Things’ memes, ‘Bucket’ list memes, ‘Who I Cheated On My Wife With” memes…too many damn memes! I have thus far refused to succumb, because do you really care to know what kind of fruit I like? Sheesh – I write a blog for God sakes! It’s chock full o’ totally random things about me. But, since my friends continue to harass me about not filling these things out, I’ll give in. Does this mean you’re going to send me some of my favorite things now? Hmpf – thought so. Find below my own “Meme” of things that make me happy. Now stop bugging me!

My passport
Witty repartee
TCM Channel’s “31 Days of Oscar”
Perfume/girlie potions – It’s simple…I’m addicted.
The Sunday Times
Traveling to far off places
My Art Gallery of Ontario membership card
Christmas lights year round
Mexican food
Frozen Margaritas with salt
Machu Picchu
Red Mini Coopers
4″ heels
(Sirius)XM radio
White high threadcount sheets
This American Life/Ira Glass/NPR/All Things Considered
David Sedaris – met him in T.O….raunchy and hilarious.
Gin & Tonic with a twist – year round cocktail
Pimm’s Cup – summer patio cocktail
The Albright-Knox Gallery – Buffalo, New York
In-town hotel stays – Hotel ZaZa (Houston), Four Seasons (Toronto)
Red wine
Great conversation
My Paella pan
Friday nights
Laughing uncontrollably
Candles – I actually have a candle closet at my house. I know…Dork.
My iTouch, natch
Boardgames – Cranium, Taboo, Blokus, 80’s Trivial Pursuit
Golf carts
Absolutely anything with chocolate
All things Canadian (except the taxes)

I’m done. Hope your day has now been made (grin).


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